Stoney Acres Shipwreck Soda

Stoney Acres Winery is a small boutique winery that was established in 1999 in Alpena, Michigan. While the business began as a provider of equipment and ingredients for the home brewer, it has evolved into a winery that offers a variety of unique wines. But Stoney acres doesn't just deal in wine...Which is were we, at Drost's, come in.

Stoney Acres is North East Michigans provider for old fashioned soda pop. Each of their sodas is mixed and bottled on site in a wide variety of flavors. As a retailer, Drost's carries many of those flavors; including Root beer, cream soda, orange, grape, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and even margarita! But what makes these sodas even more special is, on each bottle there's a description of a real michigan ship wreck, the coordinates and an underwater photo of its wreckage. These bottles could easily become a collectors item for an avid maritime enthusiast.

Stop by our ice cream parlor and order a shipwreck soda float the next time you're in Indian River. Made with real vanilla ice cream and the soda of your choice, it's sure to cool you down on a hot summers day!