Local Partner Products

Information on Locally Sourced Specialty Products we carry. Vistit our shop page in the menu to purchase (Soda and Baking mixes are not available for purchase online).

Local Partners

Coffee House Roasters
Coffee House Roasters is a small operation located in Brutus, Michigan established by Ervin & Luella Mishler in 2022. Starting out roasting coffee for their own personal use with just a simple popcorn popper, they soon had several buyers in the form of friends and family. To keep up with demand, they upgraded to a small 8 oz. coffee roaster but as word spead even that equipment became obsolete. In the fall of 2022 the Mishlers invested in a 5.5 lb. fluid bed air roaster to further expand their new business - now selling their product
Creekside Grains Baking Mixes
Creekside Grains, a local purveyor of gourmet baking mixes. From traditional Buttermilk Pancakes to Ultimate Lime Cookies, to Cracker Upper Saltine Seasoning mixes, there is a mix for everyone's tastes.
Far Hills Maple Syrup
Enjoy Far Hills Maple Syrup on ice cream, in milk shakes or in coffee. French toast, pancakes, waffles and cornbread are never better than when topped with maple syrup.
Sharone's Homemade Goods
Purveyor of breads, pies, sweet rolls, jellies and jams since 2000, Sharone is a lifelong Michigander who uses only the freshest of ingredients in her delicious goods. She and her children pick their harvests at local berry patches, orchards and gardens at the peak of ripeness to ensure quality in flavor.
Sweet Blossom Honey
Northern Michigan is unique in providing the flower source of Star Thistle, Basswood and Clover; just the right combination for the bees to make a very light and flavorful nectar.